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Omg guys its very very addictive (the snake cube puzzle)


Our whole family love the puzzles


Awesome Company!


About The Dublin Puzzle Company

The Dublin Puzzle Co

Dublin 6W

The Dublin Puzzle Company have been designing, making, and selling logic puzzles for over 10 years. 

We like to think we are good at spotting classic puzzles that have stood the test of time. Our favourites are the puzzles that are 'lateral thinking' puzzles and have no age range. Rather they require an open mind and a 'give it a go' attitude to solve them.

Every time we demo our puzzles we see two kinds of people ... those who jump right in and try to solve the puzzle, and those who back away and say they are "no good at puzzles".  Interestingly kids are always ready to have a go ... adults are about 50/50. Somewhere between our childhood and adulthood we lose our ability to just 'try'. 

So we are on a mission to get grown ups to 'have a go' and be less 'adulty'.

Try hopscotch again, have a go at the puzzle, chance your arm at climbing the tree, roll down the hill ... who cares if you fail ... you can always try again tomorrow.

No matter what your age you will find a challenge to wake up your brain and figure out what  may at first glance seem impossble.

If one of our puzzles looks easy you can be fairly certain it will be anything but. 

We don't do easy puzzles. There's no fun in that.

All our puzzles are suitable for ages 8 to 100 but some are certainly a little easier than others. If you need any help picking the best one for you or a loved one please be sure to get in touch. We love nothing better than helping to match the right puzzle with its owner!!

When we are not making puzzles in our workshop we can be found at Craft Fairs throughout Dublin & Wicklow and at Gifted in the RDS every December.

At the moment we are obviously missing our face to face puzzle demos and meeting our loyal customers. Looking forward to the days when we are back at it again, see you then!

Happy Puzzling

Katie xx